Jesus is Lord!
If you grew up in the US, especially the south, Jesus and the church may well have been the white noise you learned to tune out. A lot of us have been inoculated against Jesus. We take our shots for measles and mumps and a vaccine against Jesus while we’re at it. We hear just enough to think we understand Him from televangelists and earnest (but sometimes misguided small town) Sunday school teachers.

What Have You Heard?
We are given diluted versions of the Son of Man; getting just enough to make it nearly impossible for us to fully experience Him. The truth is that for all we know about Jesus and all we think we know, He is still a mystery. He is described as the Creator who was present at the foundation of the world in Genesis 1 and John 1. His miracles and powerful teaching are recorded in both the Bible and by secular historians. He was revealed as fully human as he was beaten and crucified. Yet, even as He died, a Roman soldier, who had observed Him that day declared, “Surely this is the Son of God.”

Seeking Answers?
If you are still figuring out what you believe about Jesus, you are welcome at The Austin Stone. We believe that your faith is so important that you should take your time and ask questions. We hope you’ll do some contemplating, soul-searching, praying, and studying. We believe that God will be faithful to His promise to be found by those who are really looking for Him. (His word says that in Jeremiah 29:13-14). Let us know if you want a partner on the journey. We’d love to join you.
How do we know?

Getting Started…
If you want to know who Jesus is, start in the New Testament. Most everything we know about Jesus we learn from the Bible. We believe it is really, truly God’s word. We recommend starting with John but Matthew, Mark, and Luke are also really great. Our pastors have been teaching through the gospel of John for several years now and we’re still learning new things about Him. You are welcome to join us in any of our Sunday worship gatherings.