Community is Core
We often look at our relationship with God as a personal endeavor, something we figure out and pursue privately.  And, while God does redeem people individually, there is also a redemption into a community.  The body of Christ is the church, and at Grace Outreach, community is core to everything we do. From worship to learning to service, we consider this close-knit, honest, intentional relationship as an integral part of our church.  Our mission is to bring church to the community.

Care & Counseling
We believe the local church should meet the needs of individuals, couples and families. At Grace Outreach, we do this primarily through building relationships. We want to know you and walk beside you.  As we’ve often found those that know you the best are the ones that can walk with you go through difficult times in life.

Currently Offering:

Individual Counseling
Marriage Counseling/Enrichment