Pastor Tommy & Cyndie Wilborn

Tommy & Cyndie moved to the Lake Travis Area in 1992, and have been ministering here for over 20 years.
In 1993, they co-founded the Fellowship of Lake Travis Church.  The “Fellowship” began in a home, before beginning to meeting @ Lake Travis Elementary in 1995.

After Pastor Tommy Wilborn returned from a 14 day mission trip in Argentina, visiting the cities of Buenos Aires, La Plata and San Nicolas, Tommy felt the Lord’s calling to expand his minister. He was pushed to not only serve the Lakeway community on Sundays, but  to also push across Hwy 620 into the neighborhoods of Apache Shores and Cardinal Hill’s on Wednesday evenings.  After several weeks of low attendance at Wednesday evening services in Apache shores, Pastor Tommy was led to provide a Sunday Morning service.  Feeling this would optimize attendance and re-enforce his commitment to the Apache Shores neighborhood, he planted a new church that could care for the needs of that community. This new church plant “River Outreach”, quickly outgrew the Apache Shores community center, and relocated to the Lake Travis Middle School gymnasium.  Along the same time, the name was changed to “River In the Hills Church”.  The church eventually relocated to the newly constructed Lakeway Activity center in 2002. 

Pastor Wilborn would later plant a newer church with a more permanent location that could be utilized on a daily basic for church events in Lakeway Plaza shopping center called “Grace Outreach Family Church”. Recently in March of 2010, a newly owned facility was purchased by “Grace Outreach Family Church” which also became affiliated with the Assemblies of God denomination. Grace Outreach Family Church is currently working towards meeting the needs of the community and businesses. Grace Outreach provides a variety of classes, teaching and friendships right where they are, at any age, and integrates them in valuable relationships with other members.

Pastor Tommy is a visionary and strategist whose calling is to pursue the planting of the next generation of churches in North Texas and the surrounding Austin area. Pastor Tommy is currently working toward using the latest Internet technology to connect various churches with people to their local community’s across Texas. Tommy is in the progress of completing his certification in church development with “Life Church” at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. The short-term goal is to life coach 100 pastors in North Texas and beyond in 2010. He also plans to help, support, educate and assist new church plant pastors and their families to further the kingdom of God. If you believe your desire is to join the activity of God, please speak with Pastor Tommy for more details in which you to can be involved and fulfill your calling.


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