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Dear Grace Outreach friends and family,

 As you are aware, the COVID-19 virus has brought many changes to everyone across the globe. Many people are seeking answers while other want to do something to bring us relief.  Our part as Christian individuals is to be diligent in our faith, pray for peace in this storm and to know that the Lords not absent. The Coronavirus has created a tremendous health crisis as well as many repercussions that have now affected our lives. Keep in mind that millions of people are dealing with the same thing. I can assure you that whatever is before us, we will walk together in unity and overcome. Proverbs 3:6-“Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.
What do we do next: I want each of you to know that you are my top priority. I have been assisting many of you over this past week to bring understanding about how important it is for each of us to remain isolated in our homes until April 3, 2020. This is a government mandate as well as our city declaration to “Shelter in Place”. We must protect our health and the health of others, it’s our duty. Other countries have shown us by their neglect to self-quarantine, that they will have to repeat another 14 days of closures and hardship. If our self-quarantine dates is pushed further out by our officials, don’t worry. If that occurs, we will simply emerge and gather together when that time comes.
What about church?- All of our services at Grace Outreach Family Church will be postponed until April 3rd approved time to gather again.
 That would mean we will began our Sunday services and weekly classes beginning April 5th which is Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter. When we are able to gather together, we will all have a great appreciation for the privilege to worship together in person.
Giving: It is vital that our church contributions and offerings continue to be received. For the church to remain strong, I ask that each family continue to support the church as you have weekly. As you may remember in times past, after a disaster, Grace Outreach has had the privilege to lead, guide, heal and help families and individuals rise from the ashes. We have placed on our church website a way to give electronically. Please call me or Lee Grote if you need assistance in how to contribute on-line. Our church web-site is 
New Communication Tool: We will be posting updates on our church  facebook site. You may access our  facebook at grace outreach family church. I have already began to post a few pictures of things that Cyndie and I are doing during this time at home. If you see me in a pic outside, Please know that I’m not around people, though that is very hard for me. I actually took my first selfie yesterday. It feels a little weird for me, but if it means staying in touch with you, I’m all in. We are working towards a way to present our church with video as well that can lend you the Word of God, a message, devotion and perhaps even a song. I challenge each of you to post things you are finding fun or new. I found several today and I’ll be posting again this evening.
Lastly: As you Pastors, Cyndie and I are praying for each of you daily and I mean throughout the day as well. As the Bible says in Philippians 4:19-“My God shall supply all of your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.” Remember I am available for you to talk with about whatever you have need, whether it be spiritual, emotional or just somebody to connect with. You have a church family and a seasoned Pastor that will pray and encourage you. The success is as we journey forward with many unknowns, we will come out on the other side. May the love and power of Christ’s spirit be ignited and fanned into flames of resilience and endurance.
In His service,
-Pastor Tommy

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