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Update 2 from Pastor Tommy

Greeting Church Family,

 As you are aware, Our city officials are asking all churches to protect our health from the COVID-19 Virus by postponing our gathering on Sundays until May 1st. What we have learned so far by this declaration of emergency is that we as Christians can remain strong in our faith and unity in Jesus Christ our Savior. I want to update you as to how our church has been helping others this past week.
 – We are checking with making contacts with all of members to offer assistance and to be sure you and your family are in good health. At this time, No one in our church has contracted the coronavirus or sick.
-I have been delivering available groceries to those who are in need and are not able to leave their home due to threat of Virus. I make contact with individuals on needs, package them up and deliver the goods to their front door and knock but no appearance or contact is made with anyone.
-Several in the church have produced a meal for a family in their neighborhood and others have shared goods with adjoining neighbors.
-As your Pastor, I am available and spend hours a day contacting or receiving calls from you or people you have referred that need encouragement, counseling, prayer or somebody to talk with while sheltered in place.
-Currently I have been in touch with professionals that have been willing to share with me information that might help you financially be able to maneuver through the sudden economic crash due to COVID-19. I’ll be sharing some of the information with you Monday.
-You have been the recipient of more prayer than ever before, not just each day but throughout everyday Cyndie and I lift your names and needs before God. All of our Deacons are praying the same as well as many with our church body.
– We have been posting both live streaming and personal video’s from myself encourage you and your friends to remain resilient and have compassion during this time our world that is experiencing much suffering. Continue to be generous at this time, we are making history as we respond to these trying times and know we will arise and shine as the Lord uses his church to recover all people when we emerge. Matthew 14:1- Jesus says “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God”. I would love to hear from you as far as questions you would like me to speak about this coming week.
Blessings- Pastor Tommy

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